For the kids

Fun and easy games to try with the kids during lockdown

Boredom is bound to creep in at some point during lockdown, if it hasn't already! Here are some fun ideas to keep the kids entertained.

How do clouds make rain? Here's an easy and fun way to explain it to your kids

From evaporation to condensation, and finally, precipitation – here's a simple and fun experiment to try this weekend, to help you explain how clouds make rain to your little ones.

A fun and easy way to explain density by creating a seascape in a jar

The easiest, and often simplest, way to explain particular scientific concepts to kids is to show them an experiment. So we put together one explaining density by creating a seascape... in a jar!

How to make edible jelly raindrops

When kids use their hands to create something, especially when the materials are geared towards a sensory experience, it helps their brains to learn as well. So here's a cool way to get your tot's hands dirty... with wobbly, squashy "rain drops"!

Let's craft: Make a necklace

Help your child thread a pretty necklace with our easy-to-make beads.

Quirky baking treats you'll want to eat... NOW!

Let's get creative in the kitchen!

Homemade treats to keep the kids busy in lockdown

Never again will you have to hear the words: "I'M BORED!"

The Jungle! Print this beautiful, free colouring page here

Just in time for the school holidays, we have beautiful colouring pages to download and print.

Printable: Fun printable games to keep the kids busy

If you're struggling to find things to keep your little ones busy, we've got just the thing for you.

Outer Space! Print this beautiful, free colouring page here

Just in time for the school holidays, we have beautiful colouring pages to download and print.

How to make fluffy unicorn poop!

A quick DIY video to show you how to make fluffy slime.

Learn to make a paper mâché bowl

Gather some kids and some old comics and create a fabulous paper mâché bowl

Help your children to read and write at home, with Nal'ibali

Here are some fun ideas to help make literacy an enjoyable part of daily family life.

How to keep the kids happy in the garden

SA’s best known gardener Keith Kirsten gives answers on how to get kids involved.

16 fun and affordable hobbies to try with your kids

Trying new things doesn't have to break your bank.

More than 100 tips on how to keep the kids busy during lockdown

Our schools are closed, events have been cancelled and we’re officially on lockdown. This has brought a break in the usual routine of rushed mornings and school lunches. It’s also a time when most moms, find themselves in two minds.

WATCH: How to make monster slime at home

A whole lot of glue, silver glitter and eyeballs! Here's how to make (safe, borax-free) monster slime with your little one.

CURIOUS MINDS: Can chameleons change colour when they sleep?

Yes, chameleons do change colour when they sleep, but we think it happens in a different way to when they’re awake.

STORYTIME: How the Windy Mountain became Devil’s Peak

Once, in the days when there were only a handful of houses huddling in the shadow of Table Mountain, a great sailing ship dropped anchor in Table Bay.

DBE provides helpful tips for parents who have taken on teacher tasks

A routine allows children to feel safer, and develop a sense of mastery in a secure environment.

DIY a Happy Meal at home, with 4 recipes and a printable box template

How to make your own Happy Meals at home.

Eight top tips for making the most of playtime during lockdown

Here are eight practical top tips to help parents begin to form a battle plan against this period of isolation with children under three.

These free WWE colour and activity sheets will keep the kids busy while you WFH

These activity sheets are perfect for little WWE Superstars at home.

Local teachers share hilarious clips of bungled lockdown classes

A school in South Africa has posted a funny compilation video of when their teachers' online classes go horribly wrong during Covid-19 lockdown.

Creative parenting in a crisis: Necessity is the mother of all invention

In short, parents are starting to think out the box.

Find hundreds of free art-based colouring books here

There are nearly 400 colouring books freely available in PDF format to choose from, and may even prove interesting enough for moms and dads to join in.

Type 7 colouring book: Unleash your creativity on these classic Porsches

Get out the crayons and colour pencils, print out these nine awesome Porsche artworks and drawings and add a touch of colour.

Are you struggling to explain Covid-19 to your little one? Don’t worry, Wazi is here to help!

Wazi is a cartoon character in an animation video made by the health department to help explain Covid-19 to children.

Create a DIY indoor cycling studio for your kids

Looking for the perfect way to keep your children busy but fit too? Then this genius cycling studio idea might just be what you need.

Online hubs guaranteed to keep children entertained during the lockdown

JK Rowling, the author and creator of the popular Harry Potter magical instalments, recently announced the launch of a virtual hub for kids

Five of our favourite home workout videos for kids

Frozen themed yoga? Count me in!

Take your kids on an epic round-the-world trip, without leaving home!

Unable to leave home, we're finding new ways to connect, and to explore.

Colour, and WIN! Enter our competition here

Just print out this image, colour it in using whatever is at hand.

Use this cute graphic to explain Covid-19 to younger kids

See this PDF to make the explaining of the coronavirus to your children easier.

This cool kids' Ford activity book will make even the grown ups want to colour in during lockdown

Coloured pencils, highlighters, and wax crayons are all that's required to unleash your kid's inner artist.

Alicia Keys and other stars to explain Covid-19 to kids and air their concerns

The Nickelodeon (DStv 305) channel will broadcast a special to give a kid's-eye view of life amidst the growing Covid-19 novel coronavirus pandemic.

This South African film just won Best Animation at International Emmy Awards. Watch it on Showmax

The 27-minute short film which centres on Zog, a clumsy dragon, was animated in Cape Town by Triggerfish and produced by Magic Light Pictures.

See the home obstacle course a personal trainer created for his 3-year-old to keep her active

Personal trainer Brian McCabe has been posting workouts online for adults, but he's also encouraging parents to keep their children active.

It's Storytime! LISTEN: Time to come in, Bear - A Children's Story About Social Distancing

"Time to come in, Bear. The world caught a cold. You won't get its germs if you just stay at home."

Family in lockdown: Here are 4 ways to keep the kids happy (without resorting to Netflix)

Their normal sense of routine has been disrupted and you may be wondering how to ensure they don’t go stir crazy.

Five fun and free things families can do together during the lockdown

There are plenty of fun things you can still do indoors despite the lockdown.

Find The Jungle Book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and dozens of other free audible stories here

Here's one way to keep the kids both occupied and educated during the national lockdown, and it's free!

The kids' kitchen: Things to do with kids while self-isolating

We've created a plan, with tons of resources, so you can simply reap the rewards: big smiles and a fairly quiet, mostly tidy home!

Board games: Help your kids to create their own

Helping your kids build their very own board game makes for a cheap, easy, educational and, most importantly, fun activity.

South Africa's provinces: Print beautiful, free colouring page here

STORYTIME: Listen to Lizo's song

Lizo is a young, homeless boy who lives on the streets of Cape Town. He has no family and no money and he sings to passers-by on street corners in the hope of earning some money. One day, a member of a carnival band hears Lizo singing and invites him to join the band.

STORYTIME: Listen to The little red hen

Little Red Hen is feeling peckish and decides to make bread. She makes a list of what she needs and sets out into the sunny morning. She asks her friends for help but they all say no! Will she have to do everything by herself?

STORYTIME: Listen to The Ugly Duckling

The poor ugly duckling looks very different from the other ducklings. Will he ever be loved and accepted for who he is?

Take your child to the museum... from the comfort of your couch

You can now visit the best museum from London to Seoul in the comfort of your home.

A fun way to save with DIY shadow money boxes

Planning to save for the matric dance, the school history tour or the latest gadget? We have an easy savings plan for you as well as a DIY shadow money box to store all your funds.

Books to help teens feel understood when they're feeling misunderstood

A list of young adult books that will comfort your teenager.

'Name it to tame it': How parents can help their children make sense of the consequences of Covid-19

When stress is heightened — which it is for all of us right now because of the COVID-19 pandemic — children become aware of it and they try to locate the source of the stress. It is important to both acknowledge their concerns and be open to discussing them.

Curious Minds: Do you know why Table Mountain is flat?

Table Mountain is of one Cape Town's most famous natural attractions, and no matter how many times you've seen it, it's hard not to be amazed at just how flat it is. But what's the real reason for that table-like peak?

Download past matric exam papers for free here

Here's a list of all the NSC and IEB matric past exam papers, to download for free and practice on.

Browse YOU's virtual classroom!

Excellent educational content is now available online, making homework an easy, fun exercise for parents and kids.

To raise kids who are resilient and optimistic, parents can use discussing coronavirus as an opportunity

Instead of shielding children from fear, parents can help them both cope and grow in conversations about responding to coronavirus with shared values.


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