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How to disinfect your vehicle without causing any damage during the Covid-19 pandemic

Most common disinfectants are effective, but some are not ideal for vehicles, including bleach, hydrogen peroxide, benzene, thinners or abrasive cleaners that can damage upholstery and interiors.

Driving with J9: The 90-day grace period does NOT apply to all expired licences

Just because there's a 90-day grace period, it does not mean motorists should wait until the end of August to renew their licences. This extension also does not apply to all expired licences.

'Peach or brown?' Thanks to a local couple, kids now no longer limited in crayon choices!

"Close enough is just not good enough." Finally, stationery for the skin you're in.

Keep these health benefits in mind before you jump into a Level 3 lockdown booze binge

"I'll see you in the queue," said everyone in SA on Monday.

You really shouldn't, but this is Dr Pimple Popper's advice on how to pop those pesky zits at home

Warning: The video in the article contains pimple-popping imagery.

Are you spending too much time online? How to unplug from being 'always on'

The one cost of not having to show up to work is that you also don't get to unplug.

Can’t resist splurging on online shopping? Here’s why

The demand for online shopping has obviously increased since Covid-19 restrictions were put in place.

Will we ever wear bras on a full-time basis again? 6 local women share the bra-free experiences

We got locked down, while the nipple finally got her freedom.

Some hand sanitisers can trigger an allergic reaction — what you need to know

It’s hard to pinpoint which exact ingredient could trigger the reaction, but possible culprits include alcohol, fragrances and dyes.

Leading local interior stylist shares work-from-home design and decor tips for the future normal

Plus more tips from industry experts on how to (aesthetically) adapt to life indoors.

As an industry dependent on human touch, how has beauty adapted to changes forced by Covid-19?

Here, 4 professional skin care brands share how they've adapted to handling the changing face of beauty.

3 influencers share how they are producing work during lockdown, plus tips for content creators

Three seasoned influencers offer insightful tips for fellow content creators.

It's time to create a bounce-back plan and overcome challenges beyond Covid-19, here's how

Almost overnight, it feels as though the proverbial rug has been pulled out from under our feet. Those who spent the early part of the year planning their next career move, financial investment or business play have had to hit the pause button and move into crisis mode.

5 ways to make your home ready for studying if you will be writing online exams during lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has proven challenging in multiple areas, including studying.

Does lockdown have your partner feeling more like a sibling? 10 tips to reignite your fading romance

During the honeymoon phase of a relationship romance comes easily. But when you're on lockdown, you may find that the opposite is true.

Don't let vanity sizing make you feel bad about your lockdown body when you shop for winter clothes

Vanity sizing: the reason why clothing sizes from different retailers are so inconsistent.

What you need to know about clothing returns during the Covid-19 pandemic

Stay in the know to avoid shopping mishaps during the coronavirus pandemic.

5 action steps new graduates should take in planning their careers

Research the career paths of those who have the job you want

A guide to 10 indulgent hand creams you can shop for all the scrubbing you've been doing

We've all been washing our hands a lot more than usual, for longer than we previously did, hand sanitising even after washing with soap, and some have even stockpiled hand sanitisers.

Struggling to find love in this lonely time of Covid-19? Why not pay an expert to do it for you?

There's nothing sinister about outsourcing one of the most important decisions of your life to an experienced matchmaker - call it an investment!

Sensible shoes for the sole: 10 options to shop for all your lockdown activities

Comfy, off-beat, and warm footwear for almost every kind of quarantine personality.

7 ways to build your brand while in lockdown

We are facing strange and uncertain times with the global Coronavirus crisis and the economic consequences thereof. Naturally, this comes with a great deal of stress, especially for those who are not in the most favourable financial positions.

6 DIY hair and beauty treatment skills you shouldn't be intimidated to master during lockdown

All this new-found time on our hands has created opportune moments to put them to good use.

Car Doctor | 'Can petrol expire?' - Five frequently asked car questions in lockdown

Gumtree Auto's Nunben Dixon answers a few common questions about vehicle maintenance during lockdown.

How pro-racer Sheldon Van der Linde keeps fit

"If you haven't baked banana bread or completed a home workout, were you even under lockdown?"

It's okay to defer your 2020 goals to another year if they are interrupted by the pandemic

Plus, a few tips on how to tackle pressure, perfectionism, and pandemic woes.

How to keep your glasses fog-free while wearing a face mask

Soapy water, folded tissues, and anti-fog sprays could be the key to keeping your spectacles clean and clear.

16 tips on how to ace your next phone interview

From what questions to ask at the end of your interview to how to prepare, these tips will help you during your next phone interview.

Six ways the lockdown could improve your family's health

As South Africa moves into week three of lockdown, we provide some useful ideas to help families get some good from staying at home – using the time to build a foundation for healthy habits to last a lifetime

Here are our favourite South African online exercise programmes for lockdown

Exercise can help with weight loss, combatting anxiety and depression, and even improving memory.

12 ways to cope with coronavirus anxiety, according to psychologists

Anxiety about the coronavirus is normal. To manage it, control what you can, virtually connect with loved ones, and practice gratitude.

33 entertaining lockdown date ideas, especially if you’re so lucky to be with your partner

Running out of things to do while in lockdown? Netflix just not slapping the way it used to three weeks ago?

'I'm going for a drive' - How one single thought is keeping cabin fever at bay during lockdown

Cabin fever might be creeping in right about now, but the open road will be calling the moment lockdown is lifted.

How to deal with 5 invasive questions from family members while you’re all on lockdown

Ah, sharing a house with mom, dad, siblings and a cousin or two – this is going to be interesting.

This is how you should be washing your clothing and bedding in the thick of the coronavirus pandemic

We're going to need more hot water.

If you're working from home during lockdown here's how to take time off during the weekends

Switch off your laptop and indulge in some much-deserved 'me time'.

From home facials to body scrubs, here's what's in the W24 team's lockdown beauty routines

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world, bringing with it an unprecedented state of discomfort. As times remain uncertain, we all try to find outlets to keep sane, along with keeping healthy.

Your gel polish soak off appointment is long overdue - Here's how to easily do it at home

With the first 21 days of lockdown marked off the calendar, your nails have probably lost their dignity by now. Time to nip that problem in the (cotton) bud.

Make DStv your workout buddy during lockdown

DStv and Virgin Active have partnered together to bring viewers workouts designed by the very best instructors and fitness experts from around the world.

How to deal with life's uncertainty and the stress it causes

If you've been feeling the stress of uncertainty, there are ways to deal with it: meditating, following a routine, and therapy can all help.

9 ways to turn your desk into the ideal workspace during lockdown

The novel coronavirus has forced thousands of South Africans to work from home. For many of us, that means taking out our laptops, finding a desk, and setting up shop.

It's not ideal, but if you intend to colour your hair at home, here are tips from a colourist

No salon, no problem - at least if you follow these expert tips.

The next wedding you'll be attending or planning will probably be virtual - here's what to know

Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the course for couples around the world who were ready to exchange vows in 2020.

5 inexpensive ways to give your car some TLC at home in lockdown

As we heed the government's call to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, most cars are only being used when essential items are needed.

Pamper your tresses with these hairstyles and hair-care tips while on lockdown

Solutions to deal with a bad hair day while you're unable to get to the salon.

Where to find emotional and mental well-being support, for free

We chatted to Kate Rowe, a South African emotional wellness coach, to get some tips from her.

After a KZN couple was arrested at their lockdown wedding, here are 5 tips to unplan your big day

Amid these uncertain times we're living in, couples are forced to make tough decisions around their weddings.

Yes, you can buy condoms during lockdown, plus what to consider before being intimate right now

It's important not to neglect other health concerns while focusing on flattening the curve of coronavirus infections.

Cleaning your car's interior with hand sanitisers during lockdown might not be such a good idea

Most South Africans are wiping down surfaces in their homes and offices with disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizers. But what about your car?

How you can successfully plan your child's routine during the lockdown

Occupational therapist Ingrid van der Westhuizen believes parents can’t come out on the other side sane unless they have a planned routine for their kids.

The do's and don'ts of working from home with a toddler

I was so swamped with work that I had to hand over my phone to my almost-two-year-old daughter to keep her busy while I worked.

You can still create a glowy, glam makeup look while you're lockdown lounging

Maybe she's born with it... Maybe she's bored in the house.

Learn to how to make a cloth mask - no sewing required!

If you'd like to try your hand at sewing masks for your family, you can learn from local sewing teacher Mascha Rutherford.

Sex and coronavirus: Should you be intimate? With whom? 3 sexologists advise

The dos and don'ts for couples and singles.

Critical numbers and contacts for families in lockdown 2020

If you haven't got the national emergency numbers saved in one easy to access place, Parent24's got you covered.

PODCAST | ASK A DOCTOR: Keeping the family healthy when you can't go to the doctor

Dr Carol Bosch provides tips and advice to keep your family healthy in lockdown.

From a couple meeting for tea across closed border gates to a reimagined earth

Stories about ways that love, kindness, and quieter lives have become the silver lining in the difficult time of the coronavirus pandemic have set social media feeds alight.

Why sneaking out to go hook up during lockdown is a bad idea

Unless you already live with your partner, say hello to 21 days of abstinence.

How to cope with feeling stressed and overwhelmed while working at home, according to Google's in-house productivity expert

Google's in-house productivity expert, Laura Mae Martin, has been advising Googlers on how to manage work and life amid the coronavirus outbreak.

DIY skin and spa treatments: Just because you're locked down, it doesn't mean your pores have to be

All that food you bought should come in handy for indulging your skin too.

Here are 11 cleaning hacks you can use even if you feel a bit lazy

We've been advised to keep ourselves and living spaces as clean as possible to combat the spread of coronavirus, so here are some tips to make it easier for you.

Precautions to take when you're out on the road during lockdown

Citizens venturing out in their cars during the lockdown period will be faced with a different set of circumstances. MasterDrive's Eugene Herbert shares what motorists should be aware of on the roads.

Coronavirus dating app launch - features video chats, hand-washing prompts and protective gear donation

This is app(arently) how finding love will look for the foreseeable future.

Your car is parked in the lockdown, here's how to take care of it

Just because the country is in lockdown, it doesn't mean you should forget about taking care of your vehicle during this time. Here's what you should know.

How to mitigate mild symptoms of Covid-19 at home, according to doctors

Most people who get sick with COVID-19 experience mild symptoms. Doctors recommend rest, staying hydrated, and most importantly, self-isolation.

Does hand sanitiser work? Yes, but it's important to understand its limitations

Don't toss your bottle of hand sanitiser just because it doesn't kill 100% of germs. Here's how sanitiser compares to soap and when best to use it

Why therapy is now more necessary than ever if you're quarantined with your partner

I walk away from each session — even the difficult ones — with a feeling of "we're in this together."

21 tips and advice to stay optimistic during lockdown

Lockdown is here and while we are all at risk of contracting the virus, we can’t allow fear to overwhelm us. We have to stay optimistic.

Is lockdown making you miss your work husband? Why this friendship isn't as innocent as you think

It's the first Saturday of lockdown, maybe your significant other isn't exactly making it easy for you (or you're single), plus the stress of being home is already wearing you down.

How you can make an effective face mask at home

You can make your own face mask at home, whether you know how to sew or not. Here's what you need to know to do it.

If you live away from family you probably miss them - women on scents that 'smell like home'

"Mmmmm, this smells like home."

The most effective ways to kill coronavirus in your home

It's important that you shouldn't immediately wipe a cleaning solution off as soon as you've applied it to a surface. It should sit there long enough to kill viruses.

Take the WH 21-day challenge to stay fit and healthy during lockdown

Don't let the lockdown derail your fitness and health. Our 21-day challenge will help you look after your body and your mind.

Don't abandon healthy eating during coronavirus pandemic

'A healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables and adequate protein and grains can help you maintain your immunity.'

What to do if someone in your home gets sick with the coronavirus

The sick person should stay in a room separate from others, and use their own linens, towels, and eating utensils. Daily cleaning practices are a must.

What happens to your body and brain when you're quarantined, and how to cope

Confining yourself to a home or practicing 'social distancing' may be necessary, but can come with uncomfortable side effects.

How to create an effective full-body workout in quarantine, according to personal trainers

In case of a quarantine, here's how to get a great workout at home, according to personal trainers. It involves a lot of burpees.

I tried the science-backed 7-minute fitness routine and was blown away by how well it works

Chris Jordan, the exercise physiologist who created the 7-minute workout, explains why it can help get your heart pumping and build muscle.

9 intense arm workouts you can do virtually anywhere without any equipment

These arm workouts can make you sweat without any additional weights or equipment so you can get your arms working virtually anywhere.

How to use Zoom on your computer or mobile device — a quick guide for video meeting basics

You can use the Zoom video-conferencing service to participate in or host meetings on your computer or mobile device.

4 astronauts reveal their secrets to surviving months of isolation with other people

Veteran astronaut Scott Kelly says he "binge-watched all of 'Game of Thrones'" in space — twice — as part of his healthy approach to cramped quarters

PODCAST | ASK A DOCTOR: Dr Bosch explains lockdown, and shares her tips for families

Dr Carol Bosch unpacks the various considerations around the impending national lockdown.

While you're on lockdown, here are 5 free online courses to bolster your skill set

We found five opportunities for you to become even more digitally savvy, land that dream job or get that promotion.

Natural or relaxed - Here are 5 quick and easy hairstyles you can do at home

This how-to guide will help you achieve the baddest hairstyles if four steps or less.

Why not continue primping and dressing up when you're working from home and social distancing?

When you're used to Henry Ford's ancient 40-hour, five-day work week, you become a creature of habit - same morning routine, work outfits, lunch at a time you've set for yourself, and a given knock-off time. Until now. 

Want to achieve closeness despite coronavirus lockdown? There's an app for that

Social distancing doesn't necessarily mean you have to be lonely.

Love and coronavirus: It could bring you closer, but there's a risk of increased domestic violence

Relationships during the coronavirus outbreak are becoming rather complex.

How to embrace phone sex if you're avoiding contact during the coronavirus outbreak

Yes, it's safe for you and your partner to be sexually intimate during the Covid-19 outbreak, but only if neither you nor your partner show any symptoms.

A man used a drone to walk his dog while he was in lockdown

One man in Cyprus used a drone to take his dog for a walk during a lockdown.


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