Solving one of Everest's biggest mysteries and uncovering iced secrets - 2 doccies you have to watch

"It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves," said George Mallory, an English mountaineer who took part in the first three British expeditions to Mount Everest in the early 1920s.

This feel-good dating show hits the sweet spot

In each episode, one single goes on five first dates filled with flirty banter, awkward exchanges and moments of true connection.

50 best action movies of all time

Grab some snacks and find a comfortable seat, because we're about to run down our picks for the top action movies of all time!

10 must-watch films that put the spotlight on diverse voices this Pride Month

This year Pride Month, usually a jovial time that celebrates the LGBTQIA+ community, comes at a particularly difficult period in our history.

10 comedies that were way better than expected

Comedy movies can be a hit or miss - one person's funny is another person's boring. But every now and then the funniest movies take us completely by surprise.

If you like Mindy Kaling you'll love her film that's now available on Netflix

If you enjoyed watching 'The Office' and 'The Mindy Project', chances are you’re going to love 'Late Night', written by and starring Mindy Kaling.

'Tiger King' star Jeff Lowe is getting his own reality show

Brace yourselves; there's more Tiger King content coming to the small screen.

There's something incredibly refreshing about this show

All in all, 'Modern Love' may be too light and too inconsequential to be must-see TV but as short blasts of big-hearted confectioneries for romantics of all sorts, it’s a welcome treat.

One of the best horrors of 2018 is now on Netflix

Be prepared to have your nerves pulverised in one of the best horrors of the year, that not only leaves you clutching your heart but is also a lesson on parenting in tough situations.

Award-winning drama 'Poppie Nongena' coming to DStv BoxOffice

The movie, 'Poppie Nongena' based on the award-winning novel by Elsa Joubert will be available on DStv BoxOffice in June.

This comedy is crude and rude but also surprisingly sweet and very funny

Crude, rude, and just plain filthy, 'Good Boys' is also a surprisingly sweet and constantly funny comedy that is a much more impressive filmmaking feat than most would give it credit for being.

This Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington series is compelling and addictive

Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington’s 'Little Fires Everywhere' tells a story about motherhood that challenges and entertains its audience in a compelling and addictive way.

This new show proves that Ryan Murphy really knows how to tell a good story

'Hollywood' often finds itself trapped in its own nostalgia but creator Ryan Murphy's unique blend of characterisation, world-building and artistic direction breathes new air into the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Netflix's second African original gets an A+ for visual impact

Netflix has released its second African original series 'Blood & Water', and it's a visual feast of cinematography and special effects.

Our favourite 'Great British Bake Off' winner Nadiya Hussain is back

Nadiya Hussain is back on the small screen to show us how to make delicious food from pantry staples, saving you time in your busy life.

This superhero movie is a great way to spend 2 hours

'Code 8' is a solid attempt at an oversaturated superhero genre and not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

This Ricky Gervais series delivers solid laughs and an emotional punch

'After Life' is a flawed, contentious show but its mix of solid laughs and real emotional punch makes it a worthwhile watch, no matter how agnostic you may be about is creator

These snack-sized love stories will give you all the feels

If you're looking for a brain-break but can't commit to anything serious right now, or just need a dose of the feels to get your mind off the news for a while, 'Love Daily' might be just what the doctor ordered.

This Quentin Tarantino flick is now on Netflix and our critic loved it!

I found myself obsessed with every detail of the film as it flowed from Western classic to hippie chic to Tarantino's unique approach to violence.

Trust Friends to be there for you amid a global pandemic.

20 of the funniest 'Friends' bloopers that will make you laugh out loud

This must-watch romantic comedy reveals just how complex love can really be

This might look like just another rom com on the surface, but it’s so much more than that when you dive in.

Once you watch this charming love story you'll also join the Kdrama club

This charming Korean drama about star-crossed lovers is the perfect escape.

LISTEN: GoodLuck has a catchy new tune with an important message

'What Next' forces us to "consider what our future will look like if we continue on the same path of disregard for the environment."

GUESS THE CAR | Season 1 , Episode 3

We've had amazing feedback since launching the 'Guess the Car' series a few weeks ago. We love how engaging our readers are, and would like to thank everyone who mailed us their answers.

QUIZ | Test your knowledge of car brands with these emojis

There are many cool games out there, from 'cards against humanity' to '30 seconds' and the classics such as Monopoly and Scrabble. We've got one that tests your car knowledge and how au fait with emojis.

From the cellar to cyberspace: Thapelo Mokoena explores wine culture in new online series

TV personality Thapelo Mokoena is taking his passion for wine from the cellar to cyberspace with a new YouTube channel exploring wine culture.

This is the most beautiful show that 2020 will possibly plate

The second season of the intimate and incomparable food exploration and travelogue show 'JAN' is by far the most singularly beautiful, perfectly-produced television that 2020 will possibly plate.

Mindy Kaling's new Netflix series is her best one yet

A beautiful story about the complicated life of a modern-day first-generation Indian American teenage girl, inspired by Mindy Kaling's own childhood.

RuPaul spills the tea on 'Drag Race UK'After 11 successful seasons in the USA, RuPaul's Drag

Race has arrived across the pond where it received a royal welcome.

Zavion Kotze-Brereton on the night the weddings stoppedWhat a difference only two fateful months made.

The twin year of 2020 "was a banger of a year to start with," says South Africa's wedding planner to the stars, Zavion Kotze-Brereton.

This show is based on a true story about a young girl who discovers a murder

Hilde moves from the city to the small lakeside town her father left behind. While there, her dogged pursuit of the truth leads her to unearth a cold case that everyone in town tried hard to bury.

Fiona Apple made an album brilliant enough to break through our despair

At a time when the world is filled with uncertainty and anxiety, it takes a lot for a piece of music to grab our collective attention.

Don't just swipe left on Netflix's new dating show – we binged it in 24 hours!

Ten young, hot singles from around the world come together in a tropical paradise for what they think will be the most exotic and erotic summer of their lives — but there’s a twist.

People stuck in apartments alone – This reality show is eerily familiar to watch right now

Sometimes life imitates art and sometimes your life mirrors a bizarre foreign reality show and you like it.

WATCH NOW: She's a Joburg princess who moves to Cape Town and must now plan her wedding!

Showmax kindly agreed to let us dig in their archive and gave us the pilot episode to share with you for free! What the actual!?

A coming of age film about a girl in a headscarf on a skateboard

Seventeen-year-old Pakistani American teenager Hala struggles to balance desire with her familial, cultural and religious obligations.

This YouTube channel is a great escape during lockdown

I've always indulged in large bites of this YouTube channel, but right now it's sustaining me in ways it never has before.

WATCH | The top ten car shows you have to see on Netflix right now

Wheels24 contributor Calvin Fisher shares his top ten list of shows on Netflix that you can watch right now, designed to excite the car enthusiast in you during lockdown.

This true-crime series will turn you into an armchair sleuth

Where 'Serial' wasn’t sure Adnan Syed was innocent, Amy Berg's work presents reasonable doubt.

Save the date! Killing Eve is coming to Fox

South Africans can now see Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer in their award-winning roles in 'Killing Eve'.

Escape to another era in this adaptation of Jane Austen's final novel

Jane Austen's unfinished novel Sanditon proves to be the perfect inspiration for a salacious 19th-century soapy-esque drama.

So you think you can draw? Rolls-Royce invites SA pupils to design their cars of the future

Rolls-Royce South Africa invites aspiring house-bound artists to design their dream Rolls-Royce.

You'll be pressing 'next episode' on this series before Netflix can load it for you

It starts off slow, but before you know it, you'll be completely gripped by this new Netflix series about growing up while simultaneously developing superpowers.

SuperSport to screen iconic sport films every night amid Covid-19 pandemic

Kicking things off will be the iconic Jerry Maguire, followed by Senna, Any Given Sunday, Rocky 1-5, and Invictus. The films will cover a multitude of sports, from rugby to boxing, from baseball to soccer and cycling.

Bored in lockdown? Join other South Africans in a battle to spot the most birds

More than 1,200 South Africans are taking part in a lockdown challenge to see who can spot the most birds.

SA adventurer Riaan Manser and his wife Vasti were stuck on a small boat together for 173 days – What they learnt could help you through lockdown

South African adventurer Riaan Manser shares with Channel24 the lessons he has learnt from his expeditions - conquering extreme loneliness and overcoming physical and emotional hurdles during extensive periods of isolation.

Looking for a docu-series to watch after 'Tiger King'? Here's another unbelievable true story that will make your jaw drop!

In the 1990s, the fast-food chain ran a Monopoly game promotion giving away prizes to its customers. This six-part docuseries tells the story of a conman who stole $24 million through a scam linked to the competition.

Netflix just added some classic Bollywood films and a few new ones too!

We've put together the very best Bollywood movies available to stream on Netflix right now.

Let Mark Wahlberg entertain you this weekend

Spenser, an ex-cop and ex-con, teams up with aspiring fighter Hawk to uncover a sinister conspiracy tied to the deaths of two Boston police officers.

In his comeback movie Eddie Murphy delivers a career best performance

Mixing jive-talkin' hobo tales with filthy comedy and a rhythmic way of talking that would ultimately be a major influence on the development of rap, Dolemite hits on something that speaks to the experience of hip, young black audiences in the early 1970s

Looking to improve your music skills during lockdown? Book a session with one of these talented local musos!

Let's be honest, there's only so much banana bread you can make before you run out of flour, bananas or tummy space. How about playing acoustic guitar with an expert teacher. Or learning how to sing, write a song or play the drums?

John Krasinski is spreading good news in a new YouTube show that will make you cry happy tears

While self-isolating at home with Emily Blunt and the kids, John Krasinski is spreading some good news.

REVIEW: This local film is a universal story of love and redemption

Vusi is a taxi driver with a beautiful wife and a roving eye - one that gets him murdered.

If you loved 'Desperate Housewives' then this dark comedy is for you

This dark comedy is the perfect blend of deception, infidelity, sex and murder.

Baking during lockdown? We talk food and family with the one-and-only Cake Boss!

Bashiera Parker is Channel24's International and Royal News Editor, but she dabbles in a little baking here and there. She recently spoke to Buddy Valastro, aka, the Cake Boss, to talk Buddy vs. Duff season two, and food, family and funfetti.

This is one of Netflix's most under-appreciated comedy gems

Irreverent and raucously, profanely funny, Derry Girls is one of Netflix’s most under-appreciated comedy gems.

This is the genre of music people want to listen to in isolation

People spending more time cooped up in their homes to curb the spread of the new coronavirus have changed their daily soundtracks, with many opting for more "chill" music.

South Africans can now stream the local film 'Moffie' online

The South African film 'Moffie' is now available to watch from the comfort of your own couch.

These are the 10 best Super Mario games — and there's never been a better time to play them

Bored at home? There's never been a better time to dig into the 10 best Super Mario games ever made.

This new Netflix movie makes wine cool again

Food24 writer and wine snob, Katy Rose reviews the food and wine movie we didn’t know we needed.

TV REVIEWS: Here's what our critics think is worth the watch during lockdown

Channel24's TV critics watch and review the latest TV offering so you know what's worth watching and what isn't!

Audi releases colouring-in book to help fight boredom during lockdown

Audi is helping all fans of the brand, regardless of age, to offset pending boredom during the lockdown period.

This hidden gem is actually the best thing on Netflix right now!

Scary, heartbreaking and gorgeously told, 'The Haunting of Hill House' is a strong contender for the single best thing on Netflix right now.

Snoop around with us inside these 7 celebrity homes!

Join us – we're looking at 7 of the most beautiful celebrity homes.

'The New Pope' is a slow burn but church politics never looked this appealing

'The New Pope' is a good series to watch if the intrigues and machinations of church politics interest you.

Live news channels now also available on Showmax during SA's lockdown

Showmax confirmed in a statement to Channel24 that it would be making 24-hour news channels available on its platform.

Local is lekker: You'll love these South African parenting podcasts

Podcasts provide parents with the opportunity to tune into the much-needed village when and as they need to. These five local shows offer all parents something to relate to.

We watched the new Netflix documentary that has everyone talking

While every great show needs an antagonist and a protagonist to keep you locked in, those lines quickly became blurred here, which made it even more captivating.

3 TV series to watch as recommended by our reviewers

If you're wondering what to watch on streaming services, we have you covered.

Here's how you can host a virtual game night over video chat if you're stuck inside

Jackbox Games offers several party games that you only require a smartphone and a laptop. Here's how to play virtually over Google Hangouts.

Chris Martin, John Legend, and more perform at home for you!

Global Citizen has embarked upon a concert series called Together at Home, which asks some of the best musicians in the world to perform a concert from their own home which you can watch in the comfort of your own.

GAME | Can you react faster than Tesla's Emergency Braking System?

Put down the Uno cards and pack away the 30 Seconds, and test your reaction time against Tesla's advanced automatic braking system.

All 10 episodes of Justin Bieber's docu-series 'Seasons'

As a sort of chronicle (and that his life seems to be on an upward trajectory with a new wife and album) – Justin Bieber is ready to give us, the viewers, a blow by blow of his darkest days.

Five motorsport documentaries to get you through the quarantine

Motorsport fans and people who love a good documentary, this one if for you. We have five motorsport doccies all in one place for your viewing pleasure while you're at home without any live motorsport.

TLC's 90 Day Fiancé is a beautiful mess that you want to look away from, but you can't.

The chaotic reality show on TLC follows several newly engaged couples each season. The couples consist of one US citizen and a potential partner who lives abroad and has applied for a K-1 visa.

Review: Four Weddings and a Funeral

Even though it doesn't touch the Hugh Grant film, it is an enjoyable series nonetheless. 

These five car-related podcasts will make self-isolation bearable

As the world comes to a virtual standstill due to the coronavirus outbreak, we've got some cool car content to make it manageable. Here are five car-related podcasts for your listening pleasure.

New series on TLC: Meet the sisters who weigh 500 kg

TLC's newest reality show 1000-lb Sisters follows the Slaton siblings, who, weigh a combined weight of close to 500kg, as they try to lose enough weight to be approved for bariatric surgery.

Queen Sono: Netflix's first original African series

The action-packed series follows Queen Sono, the highly trained top spy in a South African agency whose purpose is to better the lives of African citizens.

Netflix has rad car content to watch during the lockdown period

As the lockdown period gets underway this week we scrounged around Netflix and picked the best car shows to stream. From Formula 1's Drive to Survive to the Story of a hypercar, binge away.

Why the lockdown could be a perfect time for SA petrolheads

We're in for trying times, and car lovers might find it difficult not to out for a drive or attend local car events, but here's why the 'free time' could be ideal for petrolheads.


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