REVEALED: Our top 10 South African recipes

In the second in our series of 'Food24's top 10', here are the most viewed SA-style recipes on the site.

How to buy, portion and store meat for your family

Meat plays a major role in the daily lives of many South Africans, but it can be expensive. Here's how to cut costs.

Here's why you should never wash raw chicken before cooking it

If you've been rinsing raw chicken at home, you might be spreading more germs than you think.

Maximise your results with these 5 foods to eat before your workout

Eat your way to fitness with these healthy snacks

Is your kitchen Winter-ready? 8 essential tips for the chilly months

A little preparation will help ease you into the colder months.

Craving hearty comfort food? Here are 8 delicious stew recipes to warm you from the inside out this winter

These yummy recipes are bound to satisfy your stew cravings!

10 late-night snacks to enjoy guilt-free if you're trying to maintain your current weight

Bonus: They're all superfoods too!

Peppermint Crisp pancake cereal

No South African lockdown snack-down can be complete without Peppermint crisp is some form or another... May we introduce Peppermint Crisp pancake cereal!

Kamini Pather makes banana choc chip cookies in her lockdown kitchen

Tired of making banana bread? You'll go bananas for these choc chip cookies!

Boost your mood with these foods

The uncertainty of lockdown can influence our mental wellbeing and moods. Try adding these mood-boosting foods to your eating plan.

2 Quick pizzas with herb oil

A yummy fusion of a classic Italian dish, in the comfort of your own home.

40 Drool-worthy and decadent recipes no chocolate lover will be able to resist

Cakes, tarts, cheesecakes, bakes, bars and brownies, our most indulgent chocolate treats ever!

South Africans are searching for vetkoek online now more than ever – here are 7 recipes to try at home

Vetkoek: The unlikely hero of your quarantine kitchen

Kitchen confidence: How to make chicken breasts more exciting this week

Chicken breasts on the menu? This week, food writer and chef, Jess Spiro inspires us with ways to make our weekly chicken meal more exciting (and delicious!).

Pancake cereal: The fun-sized internet trend making a big deal

There's a new global quarantine food trend making a big splash despite its miniature proportions.

Step-by-step cinnamon buns: Here's how to make them without breaking a sweat

Cinnamon buns are known for their intoxicating smell that lingers and draws you in to take another bite... and another. These are so easy to make and utterly irresistible.

SA chef launches lockdown e-cookbook in aid of local NGO

What do chefs cook in quarantine? Jason Whitehead gives you a clue in his new cookbook called 'My Lockdown Cookbook'.

Classic flavour combos: 5 ways with basil and tomato

Certain ingredients can go a long way together. Spice up your lockdown mealtimes with these recipes starring the classic combo of basil and tomato.

9 fridge-only chocolate dessert recipes for when you're just too tired to bake

We need chocolate, and we need it now.

The 8 chefs you need to follow on Instagram for lockdown baking inspo

Need some inspiration to get you through the last stretch? These chefs are serving it up in spades.

Golden-brown braaied masala steak gatsby

The Gatsby is a much-loved street food in SA. We've turned it into a toasted braai sandwich, cooked to golden-brown and crispy perfection.

Wine trends in unpredictable times

Like haute couture, wine carries the dual burden of leaning into centuries of history, while embracing modernity and technology

5 whiskey cocktails to make that last bottle go a little further

It’s time to embrace whiskey in more ways than just on the rocks.

How to master the art of roasting a chicken

Plus tips for making the ultimate gravy.

Never cooked oxtail before? Here's what you need to know before you begin

It used to be known as a very cheap cut of meat, but now chefs and home cooks are adopting oxtail for its delicious rich flavour.

10 local alcohol-free drinks for lockdown happy hour

Ok, so it's not the real thing but you can probably still find these drinks in your supermarket.

12 Flaky, crispy and buttery pie recipes your family will love

What's better than a winter stew? A stew inside a pie! Read on for some great meat and vegetarian options

How to replace ingredients in recipes: A simple and handy guide that every cook needs

Were your baking skills inspired by the lockdown, but suddenly you find yourself running low on some critical ingredients? Here are some ingredient replacements for recipes, so you can limit how often you head to the shops.

3 no-knead bread recipes to add to your lockdown repertoire

These no-knead breads will make your #lockdown2020 so much better, and besides, who doesn’t love the smell of bread baking?

How to do happy hour at home – snacks included

Three bartenders share what sundowner snacks and drinks they’ve been making at home, so you can make them too.

Tired of cooking? Here are Food24's top 10 recipes of 2019 to inspire you

Have you cooked any of these recipes this year?

Social media wants you to believe you're not in lockdown unless you've baked banana bread

We've got 6 recipes for you to try!

Chocolate and almond simnel cake

The chocolate gives the cake an interesting twist and the cherries and cranberries are a delicious surprise when you bite into the cake. The layer of marzipan inserted in the middle of the cake makes it moist and lifts the flavour to a new level!

5 Must-try fish recipes this Easter

There's more than one way to enjoy pickled fish. Give one of these recipes a go this Easter.

Batch cooking like a boss: Meals to make when you simply can't be bothered to spend another minute in the kitchen

Get out your notepad and start gathering your ingredients!

Want to help during #LockdownSA? Here are the 12 best food products to donate and 3 to avoid

Charitable food collections are taking place all over South Africa during lockdown. Forget rice and lentils, give some of these delicious food products!

Try some of the Food24 team's comforting Easter treats

We've all agreed there's no better time to overindulge than now, when we're all cooped up indoors over the long weekend. Here are all the ways we're treating ourselves this Easter.

1 packet of mince: 24 inspirational recipes to cook with it

Mince doesn't have to be boring – here are some new ideas.

6 books to boost your brew-IQ during quarantine

Instead of binge-watching Netflix, why not use this time to gain some knowledge about beer? Here are six beer eBooks that you can read over the coming weeks.

Wholemeal Irish soda bread
With walnuts and oats and served with ruby-red Muscadel grape preserve.

No yeast? No problem. Bake this yeast-free bread, with no proving, so it's quick and easy to make.

Tips for shooting a recipe video

A guide to filming your recipes that will help your video stand out and achieve consistency.

No waste: What to do with your flopped cakes

We've all experienced the trauma of flopping a cake - but a cake flop doesn't have to mean doom and gloom! Tips on how to get the most out of your cake flops!

Let's make loaf cakes cool again with these 10 + easy recipes

It's time to dust off that loaf tin!

20 ways to make magic with meatballs!

From Italian-style meatballs to Thai pork meatballs, LCHF options and plenty more - here are 20 of our most delicious meatball recipes!

2 experts share advice for safely shopping for groceries during the coronavirus pandemic

Should you wipe down everything you buy from the grocery store? Two experts explain how to safely shop for groceries during the coronavirus pandemic.

#BakewithFood24 through lockdown: 21 baking recipes to try at home

Updated at 09:00 daily with new recipes.

We found the top 15 ingredients on Food24, so we made a cheats shopping list for #SAlockdown

These are the most common ingredients across over 25 000 of our recipes - make sure you have them in your cupboard.

Your guide to cooking with pantry staples

Affordable, lip-smacking dishes to cook with pantry essentials.

5 quick recipes that start with chicken breasts

All the makings of a winning chicken dinner.

Recipe: Hot cross bun bread

No proofing required!

Coronavirus & batch cooking for self-isolated families

A look at batch cooking and freezing food to keep your family going while in self-isolation.

#IsolationBaking: Why it's a trending hashtag and how you can get in on the action

At times of crisis, it seems to be a trait of human nature to seek out the things that spark small moments of joy: a call from a faraway loved one, a cuddle from a kitten, or simply a bite from a homemade cupcake.

6 Comforting soups that will make you feel as if everything is going to be ok

A kids recipe that adults will love: cheese griller hand pies

Evaporated milk: Why you should be cooking with this forgotten pantry ingredient

Does anyone else remember the old school dessert of tinned fruit topped with evaporated milk?

Salted caramel thumbprint cookies

Crisp cookies with a fudge-like salted caramel center.

The pasta 411: Up your pasta game and learn to make your own at home

Are your methods producing the best pasta possible?

Best ever garlic bread with Parmesan and coriander

A favourite family bread stuffed with butter, immense flavour and cheese.

12 outrageous ways to eat pasta

Spaghetti doughnuts, anyone?


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