News24 has asked South African youth from around the country to write essays, answering the simple question: "When I think of the future, I think of?" Read their essays below.

I try my best to not stress about my future

Things might not be as lovely in this present time, but every day is a new day. The storm will pass and the sun will rise again, writes 18-year-old Olivia Christians from Pretoria.

I want us to stop competing - and be more human

I want a future where we support and uplift each other, where we are not driven by materialism, money and greed. I think of a future that is better for all, writes 23-year-old Musabbiha Jagot from Durban.

We must choose not to give our future to those who oppress

I believe we face two possibilities – the one created by the dreamers and the one created by the "others", writes 23-year-old Jacques Arthur de Villiers from Johannesburg.

How can children walk in our footsteps when we walk backwards?

Revolutions are guided by a drive and passion for change, both are present in our youth so a revolution is coming, writes The Justice Desk chief operations officer Kayla Brittan.

If we have a common goal, we can flourish

I see a future where the idea of the 'us-them' mentality, with regard to racial groups, instead becomes the 'how do we move together as humanity', writes 24-year-old Yoshin Leonard.

We should not stand in the way of the youth building our future

May we be careful as a society to not stand in the way of the youth, but instead uplift and stand with them, writes 18-year-old Lisa Asani in Cape Town.

We are so marginalised that the future looks doomed

I think the future is scary in a country where we are told to seek education and there's a long list of graduates who are educated but sit at home year after year as youth unemployment numbers grow, writes 23-year-old Mosima Nephawe from Johannesburg.