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Your baby's brain explained

'Built from the bottom up'

From foetus to newborn

From the outside looking in, all your newborn has mastered is eating, pooping, sleeping, and crying. But you would be
well advised that icebergs have nothing on your brand new bundle of joy.
We talk to experts who share the journey your newborn's brain has taken from the first trimester of pregnancy to the moment they're born and beyond.

Your baby's neurological development

The remarkable way 'the brain
reorganises itself

Your baby might be little, but there's an awful lot happening
in their tiny brains. In fact, they already possess
"all the neurons, or brain cells, that they will ever have".
Here's a look at your baby's neurological development and how to enhance their growth.

The terrible twos

And the neurological development responsible

The toddler years are so infamously challenging they've been dubbed the terrible twos. And according to experts, it's their genetic make-up which drives them "to act independently".
Here they share how to navigate life with a busy toddler.

The preschool years

'Three times more active than an adult's'

Ever wondered why your preschooler's "need for stimulation" leaves you drained of energy? It's their blooming brains, literally. During the preschool years "the brain is truly blossoming".
A local expert shares how to ensure your little dynamo reaches their full potential.

The tween years

Your sometimes rude, self-appointed 'rule maker'

The tween years typically range from age seven to 11. It's a developmental period "where the brain works
hardest to become more efficient".
A local expert shares what you can expect from
your teen-in-waiting.

The teen years

'Turbo-charged feelings'

Got a moody, thrill-seeking teen? Blame it on their brain. While they may look and sound mature, there are several neurological shortfalls to the teenage brain parents need to know.
Here's a look at what local experts say is behind your not quite an adult's behaviour.