WARNING: This investigation contains descriptions of child abuse that you may find difficult to read.

- Toddlers as young as two were allegedly abducted and raped by the husband of a play school owner in Melkbosstrand near Cape Town.

- We name suspected paedophile Marius Pistorius, 69, in the public interest. His alleged crimes against children began in 1983, but most known cases occurred in the 2010s.

- Marius apparently seized toddlers from Babbel & Krabbel crèche, which was founded in 1992 by his wife, Annet Pistorius, 63.

- The identities of at least seven alleged victims are known to News24.

- The NPA twice declined to prosecute Pistorius, citing "unreliable" toddlers.

- The play school, on the grounds of the Hervormde Church, now accepts babies as young as three months.

By Deon Wiggett and Tammy Petersen

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'Scared of the monster' - Allegations against creche owner's husband reveal shocking details of terror

A play school near Cape Town has allegedly been used to feed the sexual appetites of Marius Pistorius, 69.  

He allegedly raped or sexually assaulted at least seven toddlers he seized from a crèche that is owned by his wife, Annet Pistorius, 63. 

Most of the known victims were allegedly raped by Marius when they were between two and five years old. The most recent allegation dates from 2018.

In a three-month investigation that unearthed affidavits, forensic reports and medical evaluations of at least seven victims, his apparent modus operandi can be pieced together.  

'I got very, very hurt': The enduring pain of children forced to do 'naughty stuff' with 'Oom-juffrou'

They called him Oom Marius, Uncle Maurice or Oom-Juffrou. And he hurt them.

Allegations of sexual abuse at Babbel & Krabbel crèche date as far back as 2011, when over a dozen children who attended the playschool in Melkbosstrand claimed to have been molested.

Living to 'fight another day' - parents' anguish after their children were raped by a 'monster'

Parents of children who were allegedly sexually abused by businessman Marius Pistorius told News24 of their anguish of never seeing him in the dock of a court of law.

Rebecca* says she will never put her daughter through the trauma of the South African legal system ever again.

"I have zero faith in it," she says.

'All I am is an old library book' - Why one woman is speaking out for children allegedly raped by husband of creche owner

Sandy Gould was 13 years old when Marius Pistorius allegedly raped her.

Now 52, and the mother of one of his children, she feels she has to "do what's right" and speak of what she says he did to her as his little victims can't.

NPA says lack of consistency in allegations scuppered cases brought by victims' parents

Seven dockets have been opened, but not one has made it to court.

Marius Pistorius, whose wife owns a creche in Melkbosstrand, was identified as the alleged suspect in all of the cases opened by the parents of several young complainants and one adult following allegations made against a "male person, the identity of who is not clear", confirmed National Prosecuting Authority Western Cape spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila.

NPA could still reverse decision not to prosecute cases against man accused of sex crimes

The State has only one chance at putting a suspect on trial. And if it doesn’t present a solid enough case, it will never get the opportunity to try the person again.

The National Prosecuting Authority says it could still reconsider its decision not to prosecute 69-year-old Marius Pistorius who is alleged to have raped toddlers as young as two. Since 2011, at least seven children have been raped after allegedly being taken from his wife’s play school, Babbel & Krabbel, in Melkbosstrand.

The curious case of rhinos, a black hair wig & an orange lawnmower found during an ordered search

Medals, a mask, fish and a black wig – these are among the items found during a search of the homes of alleged child predator Marius Pistorius, corresponding with items the children claim to have seen at the place where they were sexually abused.

On 24 August 2012, Pistorius' two Melkbosstrand houses, situated directly opposite each other, as well as Babbel & Krabbel, were searched after an Anton Piller order was granted as part of a civil case instituted by two of his alleged victims' parents.

Q&A | 'They don't have the ability to make something up' - Why children must be believed when talking about sex crimes

Edith Kriel is a social worker who specialises in working with children who have been sexually abused.

She spoke to Deon Wiggett about warning signs, listening to children, and her involvement in the case of alleged toddler rapist Marius Pistorius

COMMENT | There's toxicity in Melkbosstrand, and while it may not be nuclear the scars of child rape will run deep

By Deon Wiggett

Many questions will be asked, in the days and years ahead, about Marius and Annet Pistorius. They are certain to loom in Melkbosstrand lore as surely as the spectre of nuclear obliteration. But, as always in these stories, the community of Melkbosstrand should save some hard questions for itself.

The allegations are widely known; Marius is seldom spotted, but everyone knows where the Pistorius home is. A handful of Melkbosstranders have been trying mighty hard to get the truth out about Marius and the playschool. But many, many more people – including some parents of babies and toddlers – rationalised what they saw or somehow looked the other way.

A 'vendetta for reasons not understood' - Creche owner's husband denies allegations of child rape in Melkbosstrand

A "vendetta for reasons not understood" – this was part of the initial response Marius and Annet Pistorius gave when they were confronted with allegations of the rape of seven toddlers.

After launching, and ultimately abandoning, an attempt to interdict News24 from naming them or Babbel & Krabbel play school, the couple eventually, through their lawyers, denied all the allegations against them.

OPINION | Melkbosstrand child rape: Should the Hervormde Church have done more the first time around?

The Hervormde Church today finds itself embroiled in the exposure of the alleged serial rape of toddlers seized from a play school near Cape Town. Since 1995, the church has been the play school's neighbour and landlord.

Now, the church has come out fighting, citing "gossip, envy and jealousy" as among the reasons it has never taken action.

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