We live in a complex, noisy world. When we're not shouting at corrupt politicians or complaining about load shedding, we are navigating the challenges that come with life in the 21st century: demanding jobs, financial pressures, mental health issues, complicated relationships, and so the list goes on. With our days packed to the brim, we tend to live past one another, never stopping to listen to each other's stories.

For this reason we have created Landisa, a platform where you are invited to "speak your truth".

A Zulu word that means "to tell a story", Landisa was created by News24 for readers to share their stories, wisdom and passions on love, life and everything in between. We want you to write candidly about the issues that affect you or the people you love. We hope to create a space where we can all learn from one another and become better neighbours to create the South Africa of our dreams.

Everyone has a story. What is yours? Landisa.

Have a story to share? Send it to landisa@news24.com and include your contact details and photo.