It’s official: Stay out of office till October, and SARS will let you claim home office costs

The SA Revenue Service has confirmed that full-time employees will be able to claim home-office expenses during lockdown.

34 brilliant questions to ask at the end of every job interview

Standing out in an interview is ideal — a good way to do that is to ask thoughtful questions that showcase your interests, self-awareness, and overall knowledge about the company.

13 sites where you can learn how to code online for free or close to it

Coding can be a valuable hard skill for workers in an increasingly digital economy.

Surviving a recession: Pay off debt and don’t dip into your retirement savings

Experts warn against making "knee-jerk" decisions when it comes to investments. 

SA has a new, big-name influencer advertising agency – here’s how to get picked for campaigns

Ad agency Ogilvy South Africa has launched its own influencer marketing division under the name InfluenceO.

5 podcasts that will help you improve your career or start a side hustle

Now is a good time to reconsider what you want out of your work life, according to NYC-based life coach Susie Moore.

The 3 smartest ways to cut costs during a pandemic, according to a personal finance expert

Cut down on your highest expenses.

Scared of losing your job? Here's what to do

Start with taking stock of your finances and drawing up a survival budget.

Claiming money from the UIF: Everything you need to know

The Unemployment Insurance Fund has introduced a special new coronavirus benefit, aimed at workers affected by the pandemic crisis.

All the financial help available to South Africans during the corona crisis

There is now a range of measures - from government, banks, and insurers - available to South African businesses and individuals amid a crippling corona-induced economic crisis.

E-mail applications for the R350 unemployment grant are now open

The first payments of the temporary R350-per-month unemployment will be made by 15 May, government confirmed.

A Covid-19 payment holiday may – but shouldn’t – mess with your credit record. Here’s how to check

Payment holidays or extended payment deals on debt granted due to the Covid-19 disaster shouldn't mess with your credit record and ability to get more debt in future – unless the credit provider gets things wrong.

What you need to know about credit insurance – which may repay your loans during this crisis

You may have credit insurance on your home loan, credit card, short-term loan, or vehicle loan.

Top SA companies received UIF crisis money – how to check if your employer got any

Some of SA’s largest companies – including Sasol, Mr Price and Bidvest - received UIF Covid-19 payouts for their staff.

How to cope with stress

The World Health Organisation has just published a new illustrated guide.


A surge in SA inflation may have killed further interest rate cuts

Consumer inflation spiked to above 3% in July - and registered the big monthly increase since February 2016.

The R350 coronavirus grant system has a pile of unanswered emails 300,000 deep – on top of 40,000 calls per day

The support system for South Africa's R350 per month special Covid-19 unemployment grant has a backlog of 300,000 emails, the South African Social Security Agency says.

Drive a lot on business? Sars may have a nasty surprise for you if that changed during lockdown

If you get a travel allowance because you drive for work, and if lockdown means you've stopped driving as much, you may just be in for a nasty surprise after your next tax assessment.

Covid-19 scams abound

Fraudsters are preying on people left desperate by the coronavirus pandemic, masquerading as government entities offering relief or tenders

Even workers who are not registered with the UIF can now get Covid-19 payouts

This will include many domestic workers, and other labourers.

Here's how much less your house may be worth by the end of 2020

House prices are expected to fall by at least 5% this year - while some high-end properties may lose much more of their value.

SA’s R350 Covid-19 grants are imminent – here’s what they can buy

Here's what you can get with a R350 Covid-19 grant, after transport and cooking costs.

A new cellphone number may mean trouble: What we just learnt about the R350 Covid-19 grant

Applications for the special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress grant, worth R350 per month for six months, are now open – though application systems seem to be struggling under the load.

No relief on rates in Tshwane or Joburg (yet) as payments plummet – but you won’t be cut off

Cape Town and Stellenbosch are offering special measures to help residents who can't pay because of Covid-19.

What if I can't pay my rent during lockdown?

It is in the best interest of landlords to help good tenants survive the coronavirus shock, writes Liad Hadar of Hadar Incorporated.

Could coronavirus threaten the benefits of stokvels for SA savers?

In low-income groups across southern Africa, informal economic initiatives and other self-help systems have often provided a buffer against the vagaries of broader economic and social circumstances.

Courts will demand that landlords, tenants showed ubuntu during lockdown, lawyer says

This means that landlords won’t be able to rely on current common law solely in court when trying to evict or recoup money from tenants.

HONEST MONEY: What is your financial advisor doing for you in the coronavirus crash?

Here are some questions to ask your advisor and points to consider before you make decisions about keeping or firing your advisor.

Coronavirus: Standard Bank extends payment holidays to personal accounts too

Standard Bank clients earning R7 500 or less will automatically qualify for a three-month payment holiday on all personal account-related debt, the bank said on Sunday.

EXPLAINER: Why you should care about the rand-dollar exchange rate

For South Africa, rand weakness means higher prices for a number of goods in the shops that are imported - including electronic equipment and some wheat products.

Lockdown: Your boss can force you to take leave – and cancel your December break

Your employer will be within in their rights to place you on forced leave during the lockdown period – and for many South Africans, that may end up being the least worse-case scenario.

Every healthcare worker in SA will get R10 000 in free, no-strings life cover from Old Mutual

Every single one of South Africa's registered healthcare workers will now be entitled to free life insurance worth R10,000 in light of Covid-19, insurance group Old Mutual announced.

Capitec clients who lost income may have their instalments covered – for up to 12 months

Capitec is not offering a blanket debt holiday to clients who have lost their income in the coronavirus crisis.

OUTsurance is cutting car premiums by 15% in May – here’s what other insurers are doing

Because people aren't driving and are making fewer claims during lockdown, OUTsurance says it has slashed its vehicle premiums by 15% for the month of May.

Medical schemes are now paying full rates for your online therapy sessions

Discovery Health, Momentum Health and Profmed will pay psychologists their normal face-to-face fees for virtual consultations during the national lockdown.

25% of job ads scrapped in SA in 6 weeks – but some skills are now in hot demand

The coronavirus crisis has resulted in sharp declines in online job ads, with companies scrapping thousands of positions.

The end to those nasty R99 debit orders has just been delayed by a year because of Covid-19

"Authenticated collections", via the DebiCheck system, should put an end to rogue debit orders typically stealing R99 at a time from South Africans.

A third of SA tenants haven’t paid their full rent this month – and May could look much worse

Almost 16% of SA's residential tenants did not pay any rent in April, and a further 16% did not pay the full amount.

Santam to refund 20% of car premiums in April

Santam private and business clients will get back 20% of April's vehicle premiums.

Children will not (all) get R2,800 extra in grant payments as govt changes terms

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced big boosts to child support and other grants over the next six months, when Covid-19 is expected to hit the economy hardest.

Edgars and Jet account holders offered a payment holiday

All clients in good standing with the retailers, and who are up to date with payments will qualify for the payment holiday. 

More than 220,000 South Africans may be missing out on nearly R1 billion in cash, the UIF says

More than 220,000 South African workers may be due a total not far from R1 billion.

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