I'm under debt review. How will lockdown affect my repayment order?

I’m currently under debt review. How will the national lockdown affect my monthly repayments as per order? 

What if I can't pay my rent during lockdown?

The landlord and tenant relationship can be traced back to the 10th century. It is an intrinsic relationship that is here to stay, however it ultimately evolves.

As a private individual, can I request a rental payment holiday?

As a private individual without the clout of big business, what are my options to request a rental holiday/reduction? The lease is on an annual basis.

Is it worth investing in a living annuity during the time of Covid-19?

A Fin24 reader heading into retirement seeks the opinion of an expert on investing during the uncertainty of Covid-19.

My property registration was sent off just before the lockdown. Do I still have to pay rent?

My concern is that I bought my house for cash in December 2019. Just before the nationwide lockdown was announced, my registration papers was sent to the Deeds Office. Unfortunately too late.

I won't earn any income until the end of June - how will I pay my debt?

Due to markets and festivals closing until the end of June, a Fin24 reader will have no source of income and wants to know if there will be a payment holiday period. A debt expert responds.

Large SA companies are not paying full rent. What will happen to small businesses who refuse?

A lawyer expects that a huge number of demands for payment and summonses will be issued after the lockdown.

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