Vaccine hesitant? Get the facts

While vaccine acceptance in South Africa is now comparable to high-income countries such as Australia and Germany, there is still a large gap between the proportion of people saying they are willing to vaccinate and those who have actually gone for their jab. International literature suggests that this is most likely attributable to underlying uncertainty and distrust, requiring more assurances or due to a high time or money cost of registrations and vaccinations.

If you are still uncertain about whether to get the vaccine, here's what you need to know – and what you can ignore – to make an informed decision.

Grieving daughter furious about anti-vaxxer's voice note her mom fell for before dying of Covid-19

A grieving daughter blames an anti-vaccination voice note for her mother refusing a Covid-19 jab, and her subsequent death last month. The journalist believes that her mother became fearful after listening to the voice note.

Gran, 68, on oxygen machine: 'Some people go to hospital and never come out. Get that injection'

Elize Pieters will return to the North West on an oxygen machine after a five-week battle with Covid-19. She believes she contracted it while on her way to the West Coast to celebrate her grandchild's birthday.

'Strong' Joburg father dies of Covid-19 three days before he was due to get his vaccine

A married father of two young boys died shortly before he could receive his first vaccination. Covid-19 claimed his life after he suffered massive heart failure in hospital. His sister pleaded with South Africans to get vaccinated before it was too late.

'Why would someone risk not getting vaccinated?' Inside a Joburg Covid-19 ward

After battling three waves of Covid-19 infections – and seeing several people die – ICU nurse Pat du Plessis* says she doesn’t understand why people would risk not getting the vaccine. Du Plessis speaks to James de Villiers about why she holds the hands of Covid-19 patients who die alone, and how she fears what may lay ahead.

Western Cape teacher beats Covid-19 twice: 'I am obsessed with getting my vaccine'

Heidi Geldenhuys last month beat Covid-19 for the second time. Initially hesitant to be vaccinated, she says being hospitalised is an experience she never wants anyone to go through. She is registered, and eager to get her jab as soon as she has secured an appointment date.

'Mom, I have the virus. It's time for me to go home' - retired firefighter dies weeks shy of being eligible for vaccine

Firefighter Stanley Adonis had barely entered retirement when he became gravely ill with Covid-19, to which he has since succumbed. On the day Adonis went to have himself tested at a Mitchells Plain hospital, he fainted in the queue. According to his family, Adonis had not yet been vaccinated and wished he had more time to get the jab.

'Covid was an awful experience': Once vaccine hesitant, one woman now eagerly awaits her second jab

Sadiyya Absalom, who was initially resistant to getting jabbed, spoke to Health24 about why she changed her mind and got vaccinated.