Scared of losing your job? Here's what to do

Start with taking stock of your finances and drawing up a survival budget.

How SA’s R200bn Covid-19 loan scheme will work

Banks are due to start rolling out commercial Covid-19 loans backed by the state in coming weeks, with up to R200 billion on offer.

Claiming money from the UIF: Everything you need to know

The Unemployment Insurance Fund has introduced a special new coronavirus benefit, aimed at workers affected by the pandemic crisis.

E-mail applications for the R350 unemployment grant are now open

The first payments of the temporary R350-per-month unemployment will be made by 15 May, government confirmed.

Help for taxpayers: Tax breaks, relaxed rules for companies, some individuals amid crisis

Treasury has announced new emergency measures to boost companies' cash-flow and prevent job losses due to the coronavirus crisis.

All the financial help available to South Africans during the corona crisis

There is now a range of measures - from government, banks, and insurers - available to South African businesses and individuals amid a crippling corona-induced economic crisis.

Coronavirus survival guide for entrepreneurs: Build an opportunity matrix

Allon Raiz, CEO of business incubator Raizcorp, shares his views and insights on weathering the storm and even thriving after it.

Coronavirus survival guide for entrepreneurs: Get to rational quickly

As an entrepreneur, the important thing to do right now is to force yourself through these two natural states quickly and get yourself to a place first of acceptance and then immediately afterwards to a place of rational thinking.

What you need to know about credit insurance – which may repay your loans during this crisis

You may have credit insurance on your home loan, credit card, short-term loan, or vehicle loan.

No relief on rates in Tshwane or Joburg (yet) as payments plummet – but you won’t be cut off

Cape Town and Stellenbosch are offering special measures to help residents who can't pay because of Covid-19.

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