The Covid-19 Money Hub will help answer your business and money questions and explore the financial help available to you during the coronavirus crisis.

Can I make a fraction of my retirement fund accessible during Covid-19?

A travel agent currently not earning a salary wants to know if it is possible for her to access a percentage of her retirement annuity during Covid-19.

I have R5m to invest. What are my options to ensure a salary of R30 000?

A reader who has inherited R5 million in a savings account is looking to invest to ensure a monthly payout of R30 000.

I will have access to R2m soon. How can I cut my monthly expenses?

A reader who retired seven years ago and has been living off other investments will soon gain access to a R2 million fixed deposit. He seeks the advice of an expert on how to go about cutting back on his monthly expenses.

I have R10 000 to invest. What are the best options during Covid-19?

A reader asks about investing during the pandemic.

Can I be charged double interest on a home loan plus R50 000 in legal fees?

A reader questions the legality of being charged double interest on outstanding bond debt, as well as thousands in legal fees

My investment value is dropping. Should I withdraw or otherwise change it?

A Fin24 reader wants to know how he should go about safeguarding his investments during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 'no work, no pay' principle applies to me. How do I deal with my debt?

A reader has received a letter stating that the 'no work, no pay' principle will be in effect for the month of May.

As a private individual, can I request a rental payment holiday?

As a private individual without the clout of big business, what are my options to request a rental holiday or reduction?

Is it worth investing in a living annuity during the time of Covid-19?

A Fin24 reader heading into retirement seeks the opinion of an expert on investing during the uncertainty of Covid-19.

I'm under debt review. How will lockdown affect my repayment order?

I’m currently under debt review. How will the national lockdown affect my monthly repayments as per order?


If you have any questions about financial aid or need advice on how to manage your finances during the lockdown, please email us at or and we will endeavour to find the answers for you.

Cigarette market 'in disarray', price war looms, and more people share smokes - study

The ongoing cigarette ban has resulted in prices continuing to spike on the black market, while any benefits of the ban were mostly achieved under lockdown alert level 5, according to a recent study.

Govt lawyers in sudden about-turn, get court to delay cigarette case until August

British American Tobacco South Africa's case challenging the tobacco ban was due to be heard next week. Now it has been postponed until August.

BATSA, Dlamini-Zuma set to face off in court next week over cigarette ban

BATSA has filed its latest legal papers in a bid to have the tobacco ban during lockdown overturned. 

ANALYSIS | Mboweni's zero-based budget - the backstop before a spiralling debt crisis?

Director-General Dondo Mogajane said that debt levels risked breaching the 100% mark in 2023/24 if no changes were made.

SA to miss tax target by over R300bn

SA will miss its original tax revenue target by over R300 billion this year, against a revenue shortfall of just over R63 billion in the previous financial year. 

ANALYSIS | Here's how the state justified the tobacco ban in court. Will it be enough?

The Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association has challenged the state's ban on the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products.

Greece, Zimbabwe, post-war Germany: How Mboweni sees SA if urgent reforms aren't rolled out

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has issued a bleak warning about SA's future without urgent reforms. Scenarios included the debt crises of apartheid-era SA, Greece, Argentina, Zimbabwe and post-World War I Germany. 

Mboweni squeezes out more money for municipalities to fight Covid

Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni told Parliament national government's share of revenue would increase by R32 billion. The provincial sphere decreases by R4 billion and the local sphere increases by R7 billion.

Devastation for SA economy, but 'much ado about nothing' for the rand

With much of the bad news priced in already, it was "much ado about nothing" for the rand despite a devastating scenario for the SA economy in Finance Minister Tito Mboweni's supplementary budget speech. 

SA business confidence drops to lowest in 45 years

State requests more time to defend cigarette ban in court

The government is feeling the pressure of having to defend two separate cases relating to its ban on the sale of tobacco products.

'We will have to live with this Covid-19'

Experts weigh in on SA's post-virus economy.

Govt seeks funds for R350 billion infrastructure plan as Covid-19 job losses loom

The program will focus on 'network industries such as rail and ports, energy, broadband connectivity, water, sanitation and human settlements,' says the ANC's Paul Mashatile.

You may have to bet your house to get Covid-19 business loan

While National Treasury is guaranteeing 94% of the Covid-19 business loans scheme, banks are asking business owners to provide 100% security in some instances.

You're retrenched, stranded or unpaid. What happens to your retirement savings?

Economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll on retirement savings. Don't panic.

Govt says tobacco ban a matter of public health

The state has for the first time published its comprehensive case for its temporary ban on the sale of tobacco products.

Confusion at SAA as business rescue practitioners say flights might not resume next month

SAA published a statement on its website earlier in the week saying it is retaining its current domestic schedule between Johannesburg and Cape Town from mid-June.

Reserve Bank running out of space to keep lowering interest rates – Kganyago

The SA Reserve Bank was has slashed the repo rate by 275 basis points this year.

Lockdown | Cigarette ban to remain under level 3, but you can buy booze

Consumers will be able to buy alcohol for home consumption only on "specified days and for limited hours".

Lockdown blues: Banks' credit life claims stream in

Credit life insurance claims are starting to pour in as more consumers are losing their incomes because of the coronavirus lockdown.

An even bigger fight underground: The battle against Covid-19 in SA's mines

South Africa's mines are some of the deepest in the world. Here, the fight against the coronavirus takes on a different meaning.

Already limping, SOEs brace for impact of coronavirus

The pandemic is set to deepen the financial woes of already ailing state-owned enterprises.

Cigarette ban is 'failing', could create lasting illicit market - study

Rather than stopping smokers from smoking, the ban may be setting up an illicit market for survival well beyond the coronavirus outbreak, a new study has found.

A month after oil plunged into the abyss, prices are surging

For the world’s most important commodity, there’s never been a month like it.

If cigarette sales spread coronavirus, prove it – tobacco association

Public comments on the ills of smoking have not been "adequately linked" to the fight against Covid-19, says the Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association. owner Comair goes into business rescue

The airline says it is unable to continue operating given current restrictions on flights.

Associated Media Publishing's closure rounds off nightmare month for media firms

The group published Cosmopolitan, Women on Wheels, and House and Leisure.

Yes to beekeepers, no to liquor and hairdressers: What we know about Level 4

Some 1.5 million people are expected to return to work as South Africa eases into level 4.

New regulations hint online retailers may get to sell more stuff under level 4 – eventually

Trade and industry minister Ebrahim Patel said e-commerce may be expanded during lockdown level 4 to include items currently excluded.

Hardware stores will be open to everyone in Lockdown Level 4

Stores selling hardware can reopen to everyone under Level 4 of the national lockdown.