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Covid-19 one year on

The big picture | ‘The loss of humanity’: South Africa and the Global South’s battle for Covid-19 vaccine justice

South Africa, just like many other middle to low-income countries in the Global South, have had to contend with global forces, besides our own, in order to acquire Covid-19 vaccines. The playing field isn't fair and to cement your place at the negotiating table with multi-national corporations and global superpowers, you need to talk money. While the pandemic has seen devastating loss across the globe, the most concerning is, possibly, the "loss of humanity", according to experts. Azarrah Karrim reports.

Covid-19: One year on, and a deepening inequality

If there is one thing to be learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic a year on, it is that our inequality has deepened even further, writes Mark Gevisser.

'First wave was like Kilimanjaro, the second like Everest' - Prof Karim

Researchers across the world are still investigating the long-term effects of the virus and trying to understand why some patients still have symptoms months after being diagnosed, in what is called long-haul Covid-19.

'It's hard not being able to comfort patients when they need a hug' - how life changed for nurses

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the nurse-patient dynamic, writes Nelisiwe Msomi. And not for the better.

Covid-19: PPE scandals that crippled South Africa's fight against Covid-19

Today marks a year since South Africa reported its first Covid-19 case. While fighting the pandemic, there were some who were accused of PPE procurement corruption.

Counting the losses of Covid-19: Business closures, retrenchments, suicides

The impact of Covid-19 has extended beyond the loss of lives; the lockdown has resulted in retrenchments and permanent business closures, and those remaining are holding on by a thread, writes Lameez Omarjee.

Grief in the time of a pandemic: Where to go when there's nowhere to go?

There are many examples in history, where the loss of a human life or lives was followed by an outpouring of grief and public mourning. But what do we do if we are prevented from doing so? asks Alet Law. 

Covid-19: How the pandemic has changed the face of education

Farieda Salie says the saddest aspect of teaching during a pandemic is not seeing the children's smiles when they are happy or giving their shoulders a squeeze for good work, writes Tammy Petersen.

One year on: The icons Covid-19 took from SA sport

Sport24 remembers the sporting figures who succumbed to Covid-19, a year after the first confirmed case in South Africa.

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Covid-19 | We Remember

Paying tribute to those we've lost.

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South Africa beyond Covid-19

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