President Cyril Ramaphosa's Cabinet had some rough waters to navigate the country through in the past year.

In July, former president Jacob Zuma was sentenced to prison, and as a result widespread and unprecedented unrest brought the country to the precipice. After years of mismanagement and corruption at Eskom, the power utility experienced its worst year of load shedding to date. The economy continued to struggle to recover from the lockdown amid continued efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19, which, by all accounts, we won’t be seeing the end of soon.

Were Ramaphosa, Deputy President David Mabuza and the 28 ministers in Cabinet up to the task? News24 took a deep look at every Cabinet minister and assessed their performance. A quick glance at the Cabinet ratings tells you all you need to know: it was a mediocre showing all-around.

Ratings key

1. Dismally failed. Should not be in Cabinet
2. Poor performance. Why are they not yet fired?
3. Does the bare minimum
4. Some targets achieved but far from satisfactory

5. Performance targets met
6. Satisfactory
7. Gets the job done. Room for improvement

8. Excels in performance
9. Outstanding work
10. Should be president

Do you agree with the assessments of the Cabinet? Who would you have given a fail? And who should've passed? Let us know what you think here.

Better or worse than last year?